Saturday, July 4, 2015

Still not dead!

So still going, havn't done much, painted some 15mm ACW just to get it out of my system, never seem to get into painting them propper. But I had them, so no cost to me.

I have decided to try and paint the whole of the IV Cavalry Corps in the Army of Silesia at Leipzig. Thats 21 Squadrons of hussars from 4 hussar regiments, and 7 squadrons of dragoons.
I think I'll drop the 9 "squadrons" of Cossacks.

At 6 figures pr squadron thats 168 cav. Shoudl be enough for a while.

I've finished the first step, Two Squadrons of Akhtyrka hussars.

I painted the first squadron wrong, as free sources showed brown shabaurqe, but they had blue by 1813.
So one out of the 6 Akhtyrka hussars squadrons will have wrong horse blankets.

I find the perry figures hard to paint, be they infantry, hussars or regular cav, very subtile folds, nothing I can shade and highlight there... atleast not at my skill level.

 Hussars out in the nice weather.

 They look ok, as good as I can get Perry hussars I think. Hopefully with 126 hussars, any mistakes and bad paint job will be lost in the sea of awesomeness that is hussars.
I have allready started work on White russia hussars, those will be in campaign  dress.


Johns Miniatures said...

They look great! And as you, I too struggle with perrys figures even though it's almost the only ones I paint :)

Phil said...

They look good...nice photos as well...

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, up next is the 2/4th Marine Artillery Regiment.