Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Well after over a month of no post, now you have 3 in less then two weeks.

First Swedish infantry unit, the Kalmar regiment.  I like these figures alot, The cav is great and the infantry atleat as good. Probebly the most realistic muskets I've seen thats not plastic. Not the chunky short things of alot of other makers. These are long and sleak like muskets really are..

I had originaly thought to have 30 figures in the unit, but even on 60x60 bases it was not possible. So it's 23 figure instead, with 10 in the central base, six on the left base and 7 on the right.

I'm starting to get an idea of where my project is going(which is a bad idea, since I never get to the goal)  I'll try for 6 battalions in two brigades. And up to 16 squadrons in two brigades. Thats a wopping 108 cavalry and and 138 infantry. So will see how far I get. I'm now empty of swedes. I hope to order more in december, but not sure after all the christmas shopping I have the spare cash.
My first goal is to finish the infantry brigade, I know which is the next battalion. Also I'll finish the Småland regiment, so thats another five squadrons.


Engel said...

Excellent, great work.

Phil said...

Fantastic job, they look beautiful!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, no more sweds for now, as I'm, up next some dutch, might take some days.