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Blog Name Change

This will be a personal story, no miniature pics ect, But those will come later with my end of year report/next years plan post.

I started this blog the first year I moved into my apartment in Oslo, I named it Apartment of war, an homage to Lord Ashrams House of war(the man singlehandedly guilty of making me a wargamer.)
But I don't live in an apertment any more.

In 2013 I met a Woman, she lived about 2 and a half hours from me.  We had many things in common and for our first date, we met and had a forset hike in the forests in Oslo, I was a great Date, I managed to loose one of her dogs, I got a sore on my heel. But we liked eachother. The first months where not ideal with her work, my work, long distance. But She drove into Oslo each weekend. She hung in there. From late may I stayed at her place more and more. And after summer Vacation I lived they most of the time, Only going back to Oslo because I had to. After less then a year togeather, I propossed on spur of the moment, no ring no nothing, but it was a nice monent.

We deceded I should move in propper in early 2015, Luckily the thing was forced as my rent got a hicke, and I simply could no afford to live there anymore, After what can only be described as the most epic moving operation since a couple of people buildt a few triangles in Egypt, We got me moved in in just a few days. It also included cleaning an apartment that was quite clearly a biohazard area.

We have now lived togather for over a year and it's been wonderfull, A big change from a City of 600 000+ people to a small lump of houses 10 minutes by car from the nearest grocery store. It's wonderful to have a propper house. A yard ect. Only fly in the ointment is the lack of a drivers licence on my part. But that will hopefully be remided.

So thats is why there is a name change, I've thought about changing it since I moved in.
I first wanted it to continue the theme of "Of war" But I could not call it house of war, One thing is doing a homage to Lord Ash, another is simply stealing his blog name.

So my Fiance gave me the new name. Gunsfreak's History of War. It's fitting since I at times do most periods of history. She also made the wonderfull new banner with her mad PS skills!
She has a great artistic and creative eye. I can take pictures of my figures I'm very happy with, yet she will see it's blurry. She can do amazing things with a camera and with photoshop.

So Now I will show you a little of this new life in the country.

When I met Fiance to be She had 4 dogs, She did quite a bit of dog shows and she had a cart and sled to use her huskies for that.

Since those 4 dogs, We have expanded the family. To 9!

These are the 4 dogs Antia had when I met her.

Denali, The main Bitch, The matriarch and Big boss. 
She Now has 3 daughters living with her. 
A strong, confident dog.(and clever)

A young Freke, A big show winner. Great guy, 
He loves to push you from behind. A very vocal dog, He will "sing" long opreas just because he loved to hear his own voice.
He has a daughter and son living with us.

 Fjellbris Denals eldest daughter She will turn 4 at the end of  Februry(29th to be exact, so really she will only be 1) A very soft and lovely dog, Very easy to deal with. She is a bit carefull, And took quite a while for her to totaly trust me, But I think I've won her over.
She made a few babies with Freke. All of them where sold. But we keep good track of all sold puppies. And one of them was bought by my sister. So we get to see her quite often, and we spent Christmas with her.
Gaia a late addtion. She came to Anita when she was 4 year old. 
She is now the oldest. We have about a year older then Denali, She loved to escape from pens and rooms. When she gets exited she will do a little dance at a stand still. She is a very small Husky at just 15-16kg and a the very start of minimum hight for a female Siberian Husky.
She too made a few babies with Freke.

As mentioned We have expended our familiy.

 In my 2014 We had puppy heaven, 10 puppies, 6 from Gaia/Freke and 4 from Fjellbris/Freke
Her we see newly made Orca at that time called mr big.

 Out of the 10 puppies we kept Orca and Såga.  
Her at just afew months old, Some 1000meters above sealevel. 
Her are wonderfull but mischievous. They have inherited Gaia love of jail breaks.  and Frekes love of making noice. 
 Såga A wonderfull little girl, She is bearly bigger then her mother, she is totaly pulling mad, She will litteraly lay almost flat as she pulls, be it a cart, or us. When ever we go for a walk she will scream and pull, She will get annoyed if it goes to slow. 
 She can be a bit reserved when meeting people. 
 She Has done very well in shows, So far Only Exellents. As you see in the picture above. She likes to pretend to be a Kangaroo at times. But Anita is a skilled Handler. 

 When we have Orca, While I try not to have any favorites, Everybody els seem to agree he is my favorite.  He is a fun loving dog. And the main Jailbreaker(now that they seems that Gaia has gone into retirement from that activity) 
While his sister gets Excellents every time. Poor orca had 2 "goods" and verr good. and 2 excellents. 
But luck those two Excllents also gave him Certificates. So he has two of those. 
Orca trying to eat bird feed. While he did not get it this time. He did manage to get it a few days later.

Christmas 2014 started with drama, the 22nd Denali needed a cesarean, a big puppy has blocked the birth channel. Sadly it did not make it, But it's 4 siblibgs did. 
We kept Stjerne.

 Young Stjerne on a spring hike with big sister Fjellbris. 
Stjerne seems to be a little stupid at times. Yet recently we see she has the making of a good sleddog, She has learned the commands for left and right with out we really teaching them to her. She has just picked them up. She also looks to work verry well in the harness.

Stjerne playing with Sarek. 

Stjerne at 10 moths old. She has so far had a very good Show career, With a Best in Show Puppy under her belt. She also got an Excellent on her  first outing as a non puppy.

We also bought a dog. Sarek
 Sarek was bought to give new blood to the pack. Sadly he ended up with only one testicle. So no puppies in his future. He is a kind easy going dog. And he has gotten big
He is now atleat 58cm tall, so bigger then freke, and about the same Size of Orca, but Orca was well over a year before he reached that high. He also seems to have a good career as a sled dog.

August 1st this year, Beringia and 4 siblings was born. Denalis last litte, She is not retired from the breeding life and wil enjoy the rest of her life doing what she does best. Bossing others around.

It was hard for Anita to choose. As Beringia and her sister was so much a like and even now at close to 5 months old, when we see picutres of her sister they look so much alike.
 When her borthers and sister left her She needed a little hugging.
A beautiful puppy. She looks alot like her Older sister Fjellbris. 
Denali now has 3 of her daughters with her. 

And some random Dog life pictures.

 Denali after her dramatic night December 22nd 2014, 
She is a happy dog now. She understood they wher hers right away.

 Freke and me making pizza. 

 Christmas Eve run. No White Christmas for us. Muddy and brown.
We had 7 dogs that day a new record. 
Denali and Fjellbris leading. Denali is lazy and slows down the speed. While Fjellbris works hard and pulls the team along.

Poor freke stuck in the middle with the yongsters Stjerne and Sarek. 

Orca and Såga leading up the rear. No leaders here but they work hard and love to pull.

Some pictures of my beloved Anita and Me
 Here after the Christmas Eve run. 

 Our first Constitunion day(May 17th) Togeather. First time meating the Inlaws.
My and dad inlaw have to quite a lot of work on the "house" We buildt a new big dog pen, we tore down a old shack, where we will build a 3rd dog pen.
 Fundu at the inlaws.
 Pizza date.

Our first vacation togeather, spent over a week in Denmark and Sweden. I love science and animals, and she is a biologist and loves animals just as much. So those days where spent looking at and petting animals.

So this has been a peronal story. And why the blog has gotten a name change.

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