Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Friesland and Friesheim

So I've now used up all my Warfare miniature figures!! In the ned the total was  91 figures. Here are 50 of them.
Friesheim You've seen before, Now they are joined by Friesland, Which I think look better simply for the fact they aren't white, much easier to work with the blue and red.

So I had to diffrent sources for Friesland, one said dark blue and red, one said sky blue and red. I decided to do light blue but not quite sky blue. Mostly because I've had this blue triad a long while and never used it propperly. The color is actualy Napoleoinc Prussian Gun carrage blue. So these are painted in gun carrage blue.... Poor bastards, someone might try and fit a 12pdr on their heads.

I'm probebly taking a painting brake, partly as I'm out of figures I want to paint, and party as I'm out of primer and my main brush died.  AND I want to play some computergames ect, I've been is sutch a grove painting I didn't want to play that many games. So I'll Take a break.

 I really like how they turned out. Oh and out of this unit of 25 figures I think something like 22-23 of them are uniqe. Only a couple of repeates. Thats quite fantastic.

 And the two units togeather.


Phil said...

Excellent paint job and beautiful flags once again!

Chris said...

You have done a cracking job! The only minor distraction are the base edges. They look a little unfinished and draw the eye away from those fantastic figures and paint work.

Neil Scott said...

Lovely looking unit

Johns Miniatures said...

Great units!!!

Engel said...

The unit looks ace.

But I must also point out the base edges, they are stealing the attention. Just paint them to and your good to go.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, And yes I keep forgetting to tidy up the base edges!