Friday, March 18, 2016

Back to Småland!

So I got a gift card to Warfare miniatures for christmas from my fiance, It was enough to buy 18 cav and 20 infantry. I have now painted 7 of the infantry and will paint 6 more today. 
I also painted 6 of the cav many months ago, But then I got distracted by Napoleincs and Seven  years war stuff. I painted 6 more of the horses then got distracted again, and my 6 troopers lay primed on the table for a couple of weeks. I finnaly finished them yesterday. And now my Småland regiment is 30 strong! 

I hope to keep it up to finish the last 6 for the regiment and the infantry. If I do that I will be 2/3 done with my half way goal! 

The standard barer in the center front is Lieuteant Engebakken, The ansestor to my Fiance, He is of course Norwegian in Swedish service as she can't have any swedes in the linage.  


Engel said...

This is an excellent looking unit. It warms my Småländska hart... :P

Johns Miniatures said...

Really nice! :D

Gunfreak said...

Thanks! A foot regiment is done, I hope to finish the base and take som pics by tomorrow!