Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jönköping regiment

 So I have a personal connection to Jönkjöping,  mabye not so special I'm from south eastern norway Jönköping is in central south sweden. It's less then 5 hour drive. So it's not like it's Antartica. But I remeber something from Jönköping. My dad and me always went to a lot of museums when on vecations, we went to alot of old military museums and Airplanes where always a favorite. My dad is the forman in Norwegian Radio Historical Sociaty, so any audio museum was a must stop for him. At Jönköping there was a radio/audio museum, I there was one thing there i found very facinating.  It was a wire recorder, It uses a thin metal wire that is magnetised. And work much like a video or cassete tape. Only steel wire instead of plastic.

I remember i found the audio very clean and clear, this was from a period when 78s where the norm to play sound and music. And they have a noticable grainy sound to them(which alot of people like, hence the new popularty of LPs) I remember it very clearly!

Any way this regiment is now done, painted as they where at Poltova. I did conicder painting them as they where at Helsingborg. But They had more red on them at Poltova so thats what they ended up as.

They are painted the same way as Kalmar, one base of 6 musketeers, one base of 6 musketeers and 1 drummer. And command/pike base with 4 command and 5 pikemen. They pikes are about 90mm long, which is much to long for this period. But They don't look like pikes if I do them shorter!

I love the Jönköping flag!

I only have 6 swedish cav left and I'm out of swedes again!


Engel said...

Jönköpings regemente looking good.

But the bases... You should really paint the edges brown on them. It takes the overall effect down, its a small work that will lift the unit even further.

Great work and keep these pieces of art coming.

Cheers/ Jonas

Gunfreak said...

It's done now! I keep forgetting to do it! As I'm in a hurry to take picutes while there is still good light.

But Both Jönköping and Kalmar has now had their base egdes fixed ;)

Johns Miniatures said...

Great looking unit from my neighbouring city! Have painted the regiment myself a few years ago. Sad end for them though in Karl XIIs russian campaign. Have you read Peter Englunds book Poltava?


Gunfreak said...

No i haven't but I've just ordered the great nothern war compendium.

I see that the regiment was also at Helsingborg, i asume it was another battalion.
As rasing a new regiment / battalion in less then a year seems hard.

Bolko Schröder said...

Hello, may great-great - grandfather Carl Johansson Ax was Soldier in Jönköping regiment about 1850

Bolko Schröder said...

my great-great-grandfather Carl Johansson Ax was soldier in Jörnköping regiment.