Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hanoverian Garde du Corps

So another unit done for my Minden project. This time the Hanoverian Garde du corps representing the Hanoverian cavalery under Sackville.

This might be the "division" I finish first. As it's only 3 cav units total. The two othes will be painted as Royal Horse Guards(The Blues) representing the heavy guard cav. And the Scots Greys representing the dragoons.

The miniatures are from Minden, They aren't an exact match, as the regular heavy Hanoverian cav don't have collars, While the Garde du Corps does have them. I decided not to simply paint them. As I've said my free hand is at minus 20 skill. Also the shoulder knots are missing again as the regular heavy cav don't have them.

Even knowing that I decided to paint them as Gard du corps, Because there is so much white in this project. Some 15 white french and Saxon infantry, Some 4 french cav, Hessian cav and two more Hanoverian cav. So pleny of more white to do. So any excuse not to paint white, and I'll take it.

 Flag is Maverick.


Dino Todaro said...

Wow! Red is a great color for miniatures and you, as usual, have made a great work.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks Dino.