Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beust Regiment

 Well It's been a very very long time, I have not been idle, I Have 3 half finished WSS units(more on that soon)

We also had some puppies.

I finally got to paint my Warfare miniature cav, I have painted them as Saxons for the Great Northern War. And while Beust Regiment didn't take part in the War of Spanish Succession, They will be used as Saxons for this period too.

The Compendium says that Saxons used the floppy hats well into early 1700s. And so I've painted half the unit in floppy and half in tricorns. They also have 2:1 pistols vs swords.
The photoes got over exposed and I couldn't fix it all in PS.
I have 6 more to paint and they will be Damitz regiment.
 I love the animated style of Warfare. And you get enough arms to do all with pistols or swords or like I did mix them. There are two diffrent pistol arms and 3 diffrent sword arms.
 And since I used both Tricorne and Floppy hats, the unit gets even more variation.

And Lastly Warfare are soon to release new swedish cav and russian dragoons. So take a look:


Neil Scott said...

Excellent work

Gunfreak said...

Thank you!

Roger Castle said...

Nice Truls, shame you re in Norway and I am in UK!

Gunfreak said...

Yes it is. We'd have decent swedish army if we combined our forces.