Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review Warfare Miniatures Model Cavalry Regiment

This deal gives you 18 troopers and horses as well as any two cavalry standards.

There is a huge number of cavalry troopers to choose from. If I counted correctly there are 50 codes just for the cavalry, with unarmord cavalry, cavalry with armor under the coat, just brest plate, or front and back plate. As well as "enthusiatsic" cavalry. Also two types of helments, English and German, and the the codes come have tricrone or floppy hats. Standing and running horses(with 3 sculpts pr mode of movement). Add to these "generic" you also have swedish spesific(with new codes comming soon) And soon russian as well as totaly new dragoons. All with new horses.  This means you can create almost all types of cavalry for all countries from 1680 too 1720.

Togeather with the 18 troopers and horses, you get enough arms and scabards to all troopers swords or all troopers pistols. there are 3 sword arms and 2 pistol arms, togeather with the 3 diffent troopers and 3 diffrent horses. The unit will look very varied. I personaly choose to mix pistol and swords. I also choose to mix the floppy hats and tricornes as the saxons took their while to totaly go tricorne.

6 of the cavalry are command, so 2 officers, 2 standardbareres and 2 trumpeters, Poles are also in the pack. The officers got sevral arms to choose from, the tricrone officer, can get an arm hodling a tricrone. As well as poiting arm, arm on  the waist, Or you can just use one of the sword arms.

The figures them self are wonderful, the are definatly in the slim category, and very animated. A joy to paint. I've now painted 36 Swedish and 18 of these Saxons and I've never enjoyed painting cavarly this much.

When it comes to value, the price pr trooper and horse is £2.5 and you do get over double sets of arms, as well as standard pole and two standards. Which is a very good price.

To compear we can look at too other companies that deal with the same period.

Both these companies have regiment deals, but they are 12 not 18 strong. So it won't be totaly acurat. Becasue I simply do 1.5 in the price.

Company A wants £29 for 12, thats £43.5 This company generaly has very good prices!
Company B wants £36.70 for 12, thats a wopping £55.05.

So on value it's also a good deal. Neither company A or B has as much variation, Company A might get there as it expands it lines, Company B has not added any codes for this line in a long time that I know of.

I wholehartedly recomend this pack, good value, fantastic options for customization.


Barry Hilton said...

A very kind review Truls and I would like to say.. Fair 😄 You do a great job on our miniatures and that is a super advert!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks. I plan on ordering some more stuff soon. As soon as I can rob a bank.