Friday, September 29, 2017

Azov regiment

Well well well, 3 Napoleonic posts in half a month!

By accident, I found 24 painted 1805 Russians, I threw the brave Russians in a glass of Acetone and ripped off their faces. I had already painted 6 of them that I found named in a clutter box.
So I painted up the remaining 18.

The regiment is Azov with lovely pale yellow and turquoise facings.

I got enough figures on the way to finish the 2 remaining battalions in the regiment as well as a 4th battalion to form the start of a 2nd regiment. 

 A colorful battalion, the Flags are Brest inspection, but I have Azov specific flags on the way, so these are just temporary if the battalion wasn't colorful enough the Azov flags are pink!
 The figures are Brigade games and they are very nice with realistic proportions.
Flags are as usual Maverick models.

PS. I also got some sample figures from a new company called Three Armies. He is making French and Prussians for 1806, While also working on Austrians and Russians from the same period. He is even making some fantastic looking 1808 Spanish.

I did paint up my sample Prussians


Phil said...

Great looking regiment, lovely facings...

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, yes those 1805 Russians are quite colourful!

Chasseur said...

Beautiful work!