Friday, October 6, 2017

1er régiment de chasseurs à cheval

WOW 4 units from the same period in a row. Must be a record!

This is the 1st Chasseur a cheval, using Perry plastic French hussars.
Some very very very light conversion work here, it concisted of chopping of the plume and glueing it on the side of the shako, and than  painting the shako red, It's not an exact copy of the shako used by the 1st during the 1805-1807 period.
I did this unit for 3 reasons.
1. Chasseurs need some love, often the Hussars and heavy cavalry get all the glory. But it was the Chasseurs and Dragoons that did the heavy work on campaign.
2. The 1st can be made with the hussar box as they had braids.
3. The 1st was a "favorite" of Davout and he kept the regiment with his corps from 1805-1813. And since I'm working on the 3rd corps it's fitting.

It's a very half-assed conversion, I didn't do anything to hide the barrel sash, simply painted over it, I did get help as the saddle and stuff hide much of this stuff.

It's an ok looking unit, I think I did better on my dragoons. But I generally do, do better work on metal.

I also realized that all my cavalry is green, first french dragoons, and chasseurs, and soon I'll receive some Russian dragoons, more green.
I need some French cuirassiers or carabiners and some Prussian/Russian cuirassiers and hussars and Prussian dragoons(which aren't green)

 There was 3 squadrons of this regiment at Auerstadt and Eylau so I might do 6 more.
 The horses were real hit and miss, the white one is fugly as hell. But the last 3 I did looked quite ok.
I keep the horses on the elite company black but did not keep to the "squadron" color scheme on the other horses. 

I received my Prussian and French from Three Armies today, this is 2 battalions of Prussians and 1 of French


Blancard said...

I like them! Which colours did you use for the green? I like that it looks dark.

Gunfreak said...

It's my default "dark green" same I use on Russian infantry.
It's Foundry Russian green triad A-C with Foundry Forest green Shade(A) as highlights
It creates a rich dark green colour.
I'll also use it on the Russian dragoons.
My Frech Dragoons is slightly lighter green that starts on Russian green B, then C, and then I mix C and a random green I don't know the name of, before I highlight with only the colour I don't know the name of.

Sir Able Brush said...

Fine work - and thanks for the green recipes

Gunfreak said...

You're welcome and thank you for stopping by.

Neil Scott said...

Nice work

Chasseur said...

Excellent work!