Thursday, October 12, 2017

As promised

So the first battalion for my 1806 Prussians is done.

It's regiment Nr 33 Alvensleben(which for me sound like a pretend German word, one you just make up to make something sound German, like adding "sky" to end of words to make it sound Russian) But it's a common name aristocratic family name.

I don't know much about the regiment, it was part of  GL Friedrich-Wilhelm-Karl Schmettau division at Auerstadt, But I don't know how much it took part in the battle, nor which French division(s) it faced.

The regiment is faced white, so lots of white on these. White and blue can be quite striking, maybe not as colorful as the orange or rose faced regiments(don't worry they are coming) But still very striking.

The figures are from Three Armies, a relatively new company concentrating on the early part of the Napoleonic Wars(a sorely overlooked period of the Napoleonic period) Micheal Percy also makes later period French and British, making other missing things like British in greatcoats.

He now has early french line infantry, 1806 Prussian infantry, and 1808 Spanish infantry. With early Austrians and Russians in the works.

I like these figures, they are quite different from my usual stuff, there are very few folds in the uniform, making it hard for me to shade and highlight. I simply don't have the technique to paint these well yet. But I'll practice. The second thing I need to work on is the faces still haven't "got" them yet.

I also need to find a better beige triad, I could not get those trousers the way I wanted them!

Anyway, I really like these, and I have placed a second order. Which will let me finish the brigade Alvensleben was part of.

Out walking in the sun!
 I do kinda feel the officer sick a little out, he is really learning while the others are just marching, the officer looks like he is marching into a hail of shot and shell while the others are on a Sunday walk. 
The red musket straps really help bring out some color. 


Colbourne said...

nice work. i love the 1806 Prussians - will try and do some in 18mm

Gunfreak said...

Yeah AB makes great 1806 Prussians.