Thursday, October 19, 2017

Artillerie à cheval

After I posted my last blog post I realized I had actually posted 5 posts in one month. It's a very long time since I've had that kinda blog productivity. Not only that but this was also the first time in a very long time I've posted 5 posts from the same period without any other periods getting squeezed in between. And now a 6th! post in a row that is Napoleonic.

This is my first "conversion", not a proper one, just a headswap, it's my first headswap.
The figures are Perry Artillerie a cheval from their Egypt range, I murdered them using a guillotine(they are French after all) And then glued on some heads from the Perry Plastic hussar box I had left over from the Chasseur a cheval thing. 
The collars did get a little screwy, but it looks ok.
The Perry figures are superb, I did criticize the Perry infantry in bicornes, but these are fantastic, lots of detail, lots of folds to for me to work with. And easy to paint(not a given with Perry)

The gun is Brigade games 8pdr which I had a lot of trouble with, it has no woodgrain, and so I had big problems making it look good(not that I'm very good with guns with woodgrain)
On the other hand, I'm quite happy with the tube, I got some painting tips from someone of TMP, it was a nice little technique and while I didn't get it quite right, it is one of the better tubes I've painted,.

 I like these, the French really knew how to do uniforms!
 The base is a little too small, but my next bigger base is way to big.
Dark blue and red are one of the best combos in color there is.


Phil said...

Nice job, they look great!

Gunfreak said...


Neil Moulden said...

I started watching your painting from the old La Bricole forum from years ago and just have to say you have turned into a great painter. These are marvellous.

Gunfreak said...

Ah the old Bricole forum. Good times. Thanks, there is still plenty of things to get much better at. I notice the quality of my paint job is directly proportional to the style of the figure.

Neil Moulden said...

I find that a favour a certain style of figure to get my best results. I like the Front Rank, Calpe, Dixon style. I find more character in these ranges. Also it's more of a pleasure painting these, rather than a chore.