Thursday, October 26, 2017

Moscow Dragoons

I've done 2 out of 3 squadrons now, I was planning on doing all 3 squadrons before I posted them, but I'm kinda bored with them, so I'll so some French, Prussian and Russian infantry before doing the last squadron. In the end, I want all 5 Squadrons for this regiment.

So I've started on 6 French line infantry, I have 2 bases done from some time back and hopefully, I'll be able to finish this battalion in now too distant future.

Those 1805 Russians somehow manage to make mostly green and grey uniforms to be very colorful, it helps with the pink&rose facings but adding those white, red and orange "caterpillars" to the command helmets helps a lot too.


Neil Moulden said...

Very nice. What make are they?

Gunfreak said...

Brigade Games.
Flags are Maverick Models.

Phil said...

What a beautiful cavalry, well done!

Gunfreak said...


Chasseur said...

Very nice! Mistook them for Perry at first, great models.