Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Artillerie a Pied

Second battery for Friant's Division done.
Another small one, 2 4pdrs represented by a single gun with crew.

The gun is Perry from their Egypt Range while the artillerists are Brigade games, since the brigade games ones are really Revolution range, they are missing the pompoms and they all have mustaches.

This was the first brigade games french I've painted, these are very nice and take to my painting style well.
The gun was great, and I think I've gotten the hang of the new technique for the tube.

I've now finished 2 out of three batteries for Fraint's Division, but the last battery will be 3 guns. So I'm not halfway in actual guns and crew to paint.

 I like open big bases, lets me do some gardening. 
 I had to try and not go overboard with the terrain, I didn't pay attention and almost put a big log right behind the gun, that wouldn't be stupid. 
The log is grapevine with some paint, and so is the little tree but with added foliage. 


Phil said...

Great painting and basing, "Bien joué!"

Gunfreak said...


Neil Moulden said...

Another cracking piece. The gunners look really good.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, Yes, those brigade games figures are very nice!

Rubbsalot said...

The character in the face of the blonde gunner is superb, what a great model!

Gunfreak said...

Yeah I noticed him to when I was editing the photos.
The brigade games minies are very nice. But the Revolutionary French definitely has more character then the Russians I've been painting.