Tuesday, November 14, 2017

48th ligne.

And another battalion is added to the Napoleonic project, the 1st battalion of the 48th.
I did plan on having this be the 2nd battalion of the 33rd, But these are the Front Rank reinforcement packs, and while not as extreme as the earlier FR they are still not really that close to perry, more in sculpting style and movement than actual size. So they became the 48th.

This is the 9th blog post in a row that is Napoleonic themed. Since my last post, I did finish the 3rd gun(a howitzer but didn't bother making a blog post for it)

I'm working my way through some Prussian grenadiers now, and I think they'll look good.
BUT I am suffering from Napoleonic fatigue now, my mind wanders to SYW, Great Northern war and WSS, Warfare has released quite a bit these last few months, even some random talk about AWI on facebook as made me think about that period again and even ACW.

We'll see, I've been a good boy now, I might deserve to do some other stuff, 9 blog post from the same period is unheard of on this blog, at least for several years. When I finish the Grenadiers I'll have painted 192 Napoleonic figures, except for 21 of them in June or July, all other have been painted since September.

Anyway here is the 1st battalion 48th Ligne.
The Front rank figures are the very opposite of Perry, these are very well sculpted with clean sculpts and NO MISSING CUFFS! But they are very stiff, the Perry brothers are masters at the animation, while these are clean and very easy to paint, they are kinda boring? Like they are simply marching on a sunny day, going out for a picnic.

 Here is the howitzer, Victrix plastic crew with Eureka Howitzer.


Neil Moulden said...

Very nice. Those Front Rank look great.

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Very nice indeed, I do love to see French in bicorns so well painted too.

Colbourne said...

nice! i am trmpted by the new front ranks figures....but you say they are'nt compatible with Perry?

Gunfreak said...

They work in separate units, I'm just slightly picky about the animation, the Front Ranks are stiffer, and so I decided to do FR and Perry as different regiments, but I wouldn't hesitate to use them in the same brigade or division.