Thursday, November 16, 2017

Deploy the Wasp-Cammoflage

So after almost 200 Napoleonic figures and a record-breaking 9 blog posts in a row about the same period. It's time to get back to GNW.

I got plenty to paint, two Swedish, one Russian, one Saxon battalion, as well as one squadron of Saxon dragoons, I also got some Polish Hussars in the work. Warfare is hopefully close to the release of Swedish and Russian cavalry.

I decided to start with a Saxon cannon. I had finished the cannon before I jumped over to Napoleonics, but I did get a few hints and tricks doing the French artillery, I wanted to use those on the Saxon gun, So the gun got a short dip in acetone and got repainted.
So managed to do the gun and crew yesterday and finished the base today.

 The cannon is massive, I think it's a 12pdr, it's front rank and I bought it in like 2012 or something. So I don't remember if it was the 12 or 24pdr I bought, I think it's the 12. 
 But Front Rank are kinda over scale, and so a 12pdr front rank next to Warfare crew turns the 12pdr into a 16pdr. 
So this Wasp got at a minimum a 12pdr sting. 

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Phil said...

Beautiful, lovely job on the base and on the wheels!