Sunday, November 26, 2017

Saxons keep marching on

So another week another Unit,

This time a battalion of from Kurprinsen regiment.
A regiment that took part in all the major battles in the 1700-1706 period against the Swedes.

I now have two battalions one of this regiment and one of Steinau.
I think I'll try and finish each of these regiments. I'm bad at doing actual regiments, I often just do single battalions. But I think I'll try and finish the regiments.

Anyway, a little photoshoot seems appropriate.

It was bad taking picture weather today, silly light, 
 Kurprisnsen with yellow facings.
 Nice firing line going on there.

 Total so far, 2 battalions, 4 cuirassier squadrons, 2 dragoon squadrons and a gun.
In miniatures that's 36 cavalry, 40 infantry and 5 crew with a gun. 


Phil said...

Wonderful units, and flags...superb!

Neil Scott said...

A great looking addition