Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Continuing my Austrian project with Baranyay Hussars, two squadrons worth, This is the only Austrian cavalry I had left to paint, but waiting on some Cuirassiers, I do have a crapload of Prussian as well as some French Cavalry.

Baranyay, of course, took part in the epic Raid on Berlin by Hadik. My SYW cavalry usually are based 4 to a base, but since the Austrians hussars weren't quite true battle cavalry yet(unlike the Prussian hussars) I've decided to base them 3 to a base to give them some more spacing.

The Hussars are always a colorful bunch of scoundrels, just how many died from battle vs dueling, alcohol poisoning and STDs? Who knows!

I do plan on doing 6 more, they are planned for the next order. Together with more infantry and cavalry.

 Proper Hussars here, colorful, with sky blue tights, apple green dolman, and pelisse, red braid that really pops on the green. The trumpeter is real dandy with so much cold lace I'm surprised the horse is still able to carry him.
This last pic captures the colors the best, the two others are to washed out even after some editing.


Phil said...

Dynamic and beautiful cavalry, nice bases as well!

Gunfreak said...