Saturday, February 10, 2018

Austrian Grenadier battalion

Well hopefully on Tuesday DHL will deliver my Collectors edition of Kingdom Come: Deliverance a PC game I kickstarted over 4 years ago. This means I'll probably spend my painting time on that game and if I paint, it will most likely be my HYW figures as the game is set in 1403.

But I did manage to finish this grenadier battalion, it's taken some time, I started on it right after Young-Wolfenbüttel was finsihed, but I did those 6 Hussars between some of the bases and I also did a base of Prussian musketeers between the second to last and last base of this unit.

 The companies are from the regiments Kaiser, Carl Lothringen, Deutschmeister, and Neipperg. 

So there might be some time before the next blog post, if the game is any good, I might do a small review of it. Most likely the next unit on the blog is either the finished Prussian musketeer battalion or a HYW unit of mixed pavisers/crossbowmen that I've done 6 figures for some time ago.


Phil said...

Impressive, beautiful, and surely effective grenadiers, nice job!

Dino Todaro said...

Great unit, really well paint! SYW is really interesting but I'm busy with GNW and Napoleonic so no chance. In any case who sell Minden figures in Europe? By the way on the 13th I will receive my copy of Deliverance: The Kingdom to Come, so my painting activities will be strongly reduced....
Is always a pleasure looking at your production.
Il Granatiere

Gunfreak said...

Crann tara sells minden hanoverians, but I that's it. The crann tara French and British are quite close to SYW if you want that theater of war, but for prussians and Austrians you'll have to order from USA.
I hope you'll enjoy Kingdom Come too, I hope it's actually good!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

They look great!

Best Regards (og med venleg helsing),