Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Russian Horse Grendiers

I think only Leauge of Augsburg's own blog has shown these so far. They came out right before Christmas.

I'm posting these partly to get a new blog post up, as I have 5 half done units and will be some time before I can get up a blog post(one unit is done but awaiting bases )

The other is I need peoples opinion, but more on that later.

I decided to do horse grenadiers because I already got a crapload of tricorne cavalry for my Saxons and Danes(and Swedes) so I wanted to do something different, also Horse Grenadiers are awesome.
The new Russian cavalry comes with new wonderful horses, and yes the horse reins are separate! and not one "mono-rein" like most other are on miniatures. This started for warfare with their dragoon horses. and I hope they continue. Warfare now has a huge amount of horses. They have their oldest "cavalry horses" both standing, trotting, and galloping I believe. Then you have the dragoon horses and now these that I believe both Russians and Swedish will use, and some new generals horses too.

I think these are some of the best faces from warfare so far, which has always been the one thing on the warfare range I've never been that happy with.((mostly because of my own limited skills)) but these are wonderful.


 Bad lighting today, and so the first pic is the only pictures I'm truly happy with when it comes to showing the colors correctly.

I'm looking forward to finishing them. which leads to the need for your opinion. 

The Russian Horse Grenadiers were 1 company out of 10 from Russian Dragoon regiments, they were combined in ad hoc formations, until 1708 when they became permanent, in numbered regiments 38, 39 and 40. In 1709 they were all given the classic green coat with red facings. I thought this was boring, so I decided to do it before 1709 even though most of my Russians are modeled for Poltava. This has led me to a conundrum, A BLB squadron equals 2 real squadrons so anywhere 200-300 troopers and horses. 
But a Russian Horse Grenadier company was 100 on paper, this leaves me with two options.

1. Each company equals 3 models(half a BLB squadron) This is what you see here, 1 company from Vladimirski and 1 Sibirski, I have 6 more to do, and if I continue this way those 12 figures would be in 4 different uniforms, That would be colorful, but I'm also afraid it will look untidy and messy, with problems seeing "units"

 2. I can expand each of these companies into a BLB squadron each, so 6 green and 6 blue, this would make each company 100%-200% bigger than they would have been(200/300 men instead of 100) It is only visual of course, and it would make units more distinct and easier to recognize.

So what do you think?


Neil Scott said...

I'd go the 6 and 6. It would look more visually pleasing.

Dan Foley said...

I'm with Scott on this. 6 and 6.
A question for you. do you have to glue the reigns on the new horses? Are they a seperate piece?

Gunfreak said...

No no, they are sculpted on, it's only that they don't get "sculpted into one"
Most times the reins are just one solid piece, here they are two unique reins.

Neil Moulden said...

I agree go for 6. Great painting also.

Phil said...

6 and 6, should be so colorful! Anyway they look superb!