Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Prinz von Preußen

Well, I finished my first Prussian battalion, I got like 64-72 Prussian cavalry to paint, so I thought maybe I should get going with the infantry.
There is some inconsistency in the painting, half were painted over 6 months ago the other half now. so the newly painted ones are lighter in both the blue coats and the rose.

The Russian winter is blowing in over Europe, so far it isn't very cold here only about -10C but the wind is very biting and almost ran away with my figures when I was out taking the pictures.

 So bad lighting, as usual, this time of year. 
 Flags are Maverick cloth flags. 

I'm now kinda conflicted about what to paint next, I want to paint both my HYW and my SYW projects. We'll see what I do tomorrow. I did start on 6 HYW figures, but stopped halfway through and did the last 6 of these instead. 

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AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Another beautiful unit. Even in the bad lighting you can see the great shading on the skin tones. Crisp brush work as well.