Thursday, April 5, 2018

The undiscovered country

So, a very long time no see, I was working on some Swedish pikemen when I get this annoying scratch in the back of my neck, and naturally, I need to scratch it, and that scratch? Well, WW2 tanks of course.

One of those things I've said multiple times, I have no interest in at all and will never do, just as I did with Medievals, and we all know how that went.

It was my friend's fault who added me to the Rubicon facebook site, and filled my facebook feed with fantastic looking tanks! Not that I'm impressionable or anything.

So 3 weeks followed with research on the subject, which is rather confusing WW2 tanks is not a light subject.

I knew only the most superficial things, I could see what a Sherman was, I could see what a Tiger was, Churchhill etc. I could tell a German tank from an allied, but I had no idea about the difference between a Panzer III or a Panzer IV and stuff like that.

Nor did I know just how many Sherman variations there was, I might have been somewhat aware of the different size cannons, but I didn't know the difference between an American 76 or 17pdr.
So yes lots to learn and I've only scratched the tip of the first cm of the iceberg.

Besides the historical research, I had a lot of research on what tank to buy and what supplies I needed.  I planed on my whole project being centered on Market Garden, so I bought the "British Sherman" Sherman III, thinking well XXX Corps is British so they'll be using the Sherman III.
But no, they mostly used the V and V/c maybe a few I/c. Not a big deal this was a practice tank after all.

The supplies are all from AMMO, that seems to be one of the big ones, so with my birthday money I ordered various supplies, like plastic cement, acrylic and enamel thinner, streaking grime, filter, wash, dust, earth etc etc. As well as the actual colors. My shopping list was basically taken right from guides on facebook and youtube.

So I got the tank and supplies before Easter, but didn't do much, I did glue together the "spare parts" you got enough spare parts to make a second turret and you got a second top hull, so I practiced on it, and I think that was a very good idea, it did not look good.

But I had two days to work on it this week, I had primed it and tried to paint, it went a lot better than I feared.

So here it is.

It looks like it's finally spring, which means rain, so I had to make a photo box.

I don't have an airbrush, so I did the drybrush method, after the dry brush and botched attempts to get the decals on there, I did the equipment and added a coat of varnish. 
After 20 ish hours of drying, I started on the effects, filter, grime, chipping, wash, fuel stains and mud/earth/dust. 

Given it's my first attempt I don't think it could have turned out much better, I did a few mistakes, stuff could be improved across the board, I'm quite satisfied with the streaking grime effect.
But the chipping and dust/mud could be better. 

I did get a taste for it, and I plan on continuing on this project.

It's fun doing something completely different. 


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Looks the part to me. Nice work on the wear and chipping effects.

Gunfreak said...