Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ACW Mini diorama

 I'm straying further and further from 18th century. I did go to perry to buy a battlion of rifles. instead I bought 4 boxes of ACW infantry(2 of the generic and 2 of the confederate) and a box of arty.
I wanted to paint some ACW, and had some random figures laying around, Sash and saber, not enough to make a unit out of. So I thought I'd try a mini diorama. And just to practice painting and basing.

A round base, with 5 rebs on it, two puddles, lots of green stuff and some rocks.

Some rebs have found a damaged fence to hide deployd behind. I did want to put a small tree on it, but I don't have that many trees, so bushes instead.
Poured some ink into gloss vanish for the puddle. Only semi successfull!
I think the paint jobs are prety good,
Did a good job on the rifled muskets, the barrles are gun metal, but the bands are silver, to make them "pop" more,


Phil said...

Vey nice work with this 'mini dio', love it!

Jay said...

Ditto Phil's comment.